City-Wide Revival Brings the Community Together in Praise

Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church is hosting a city-wide revival.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how over 40 churches are coming together for the good of the community.


For 60 years, the city-wide revival has brought hope to the community.

Pastor and Co-Chairman of City-Wide Revival Larry Turner says, “We’re bringing people together of all ethnicities, black, white so what it does is, to bring people together, it makes us stronger and makes us a better city.”


This year’s theme is to Come Up Higher.

“We’re building off the foundation that has already been laid. This city-wide revival started years ago. Come Up Higher means to continually build.”


Pastor Larry Turner invited Dr. Frank E. Ray, Sr. to preach at the revival services.

“When they come, they will find Jesus, that people can be revived, that he’s still alive, that the Gospel is still very much alive, as much alive today as it was always has been and this is the time.”


Youth choirs and musical guests are invited to uplift and encourage the community.

“The purpose of the revival is to revive the saints, we’re going to go out and win new converts, win new souls to Christ Jesus.”


Pastor Turner says his goal is to renew the love of Christ in people’s lives.

The city-wide revival will start every night at Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church at 7 pm until April 13th.

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