City Seeking $18.1 Million for Local Flood Mitigation Efforts

Alexandria, La. (Feb. 25, 2020) — The City of Alexandria has applied for $18.1 million in funding from the Louisiana Watershed Initiative. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved the State of Louisiana’s action plan to spend $1.2 billion in Community Development Block Grant Mitigation funds to move forward with projects to drastically reduce flood risks for communities throughout the state.

“Flooding is a significant issue locally and throughout the state,” noted Alexandria Mayor Jeffrey W. Hall. “As I have said before, these projects are very costly and we will need assistance in the form of state and federal dollars to do all of the work we need to do locally. We are grateful for opportunities like this. But I want to point out, just because we apply doesn’t mean we’ll get the funding. I believe there were more than 300 applications submitted for this funding. But we are doing all we can to get the funds necessary to improve drainage in Alexandria.”Alexandria submitted five specific projects for funding. They include:


  • Chatlin Lake Canal Hardening, $2.2 million – Project involves continuation of a concrete lining project to improve water flow.
  • Chatlin Lake Canal Outfall, $10 million – Project involves providing an outfall from Sandy Bayou to Red River to relieve pressure on the Chatlin Lake Canal.
  • Horseshoe Canal Crossing at US 165, $2.2 million – Project involves adding an additional 10 x 10 box culvert under Masonic Drive.
  • Hynson Bayou Hardening, $2 million – Like the Chatlin Lake Canal Hardening project, this would be a continuation of efforts to improve the canal’s outflow.
  • Martin Park Improvements, $1.7 million – Project involves implementation of Rapides Area Planning Commission’s plan to provide increased flood protection in the Martin Park neighborhood.


State officials are currently reviewing the applications and grant award announcements are expected later this year.