City opens safe harbor walking path

Alexandria, La. (Nov 20, 2020) — The City of Alexandria has officially opened the Safe Harbor Walking Path. The path was built after the city received a Community Change Grant by America Walks in order to fund it.
“We are thankful to America Walks for seeing the value of this project aimed at bringing people together downtown to exercise, chat and meet on a path that is marked and monitored,” said Mayor Jeffrey W. Hall. “The Safe Harbor Walking Path is a program that ties in perfectly with the Harbor Patrol and the installation of cameras downtown.”
Signs are installed along the path showing citizens and visitors where they can walk for fun or exercise in an environment that has them monitored by cameras the entire time.
The path makes a complete circle from Jackson Street down Second Street to Winn Street, up the levee walking along the waterfront back to Jackson Street. Walkers are also monitored if they go up or down the levee from Murray Street as well.
Alexandria was selected from more than 400 applications for projects that demonstrate the passion, creativity and commitment of local walking champions.
“At a time when pedestrian fatalities are at an all-time high and communities continue to try and find ways to be healthy, these grants provide support to those doing the hard, inspiring work at the local level,” said Executive Director Kate Kraft.
Mayor Hall also encourages walkers to still follow general walking safety tips such as carrying a cell phone, letting someone know where you will be and walking with a buddy.
The City would also like to acknowledge the cooperation of the State Department of Transportation and Development which allowed Alexandria’s Street Department to remove a portion of handrailing at the top of the levee where it meets the Jackson Street bridge in order to let walkers access the path from the levee to Second Street.
“We want to thank America Walks for supporting our effort to create a safe, accessible and enjoyable place to walk in downtown Alexandria,” said Mayor Hall. “We hope citizens and visitors will all take advantage of this monitored path that also lets them enjoy the great views of the Red River.”