City of Pineville wraps up “Love The Boot Week” with a cleanup day

The City of Pineville wrapped up love the boot week on Saturday by hosting a cleanup day. Love the boot week is a statewide beautification effort to keep Louisiana beautiful.

Mayor Dupree, “Whether you’re excited to be awake or not, I’m glad you’re excited to be here at least”

Pineville Mayor Rich Dupree, Pineville City Council, Police Chief Darrell Basco, Police Jury President Joe Bishop and almost 100 volunteers gathered at the steps of City Hall in Pineville to volunteer their time in an effort to Keep Pineville Beautiful.

Chief of Staff Rich Dupree, “You know we’re not going to be able to clean up everything today, but that’s ok. Maybe once every couple of months. We’ll get everybody back together and get out into the neighborhoods as well. It’s an overwhelming start to what’s going to be something that we feel will change the mindset of Pineville and Central Louisiana all together.”

Love The Boot Week coincided with another environmentally aware holiday

Charissa Zenobia, Volunteer – “So, we’re just out here because you know today is earth day and we’re just wanting to help keep our city clean”

Mayor Dupree says more clean-up events are in the works

“It’s an effort called Pitch In Pineville and we’re going to be unveiling that in the days and weeks ahead.”

More than 66 bags of garbage was collected. These tallies will be sent to the Lieutenant Governors office as part of a statewide impact report.

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