City Council Votes to Suspend Investigation Against Mayor Jeff Hall and Administration

The City of Alexandria officials filed two lawsuits against City Council President Catherine Davidson.

The suits were filed this week to stop her harassment and wrongful conduct against city employees.


Attorneys representing the city believe Catherine Davidson is weaponizing crime in the city.

They believe she wants to divide the Alexandria Police Department and further her political career.


In the last meeting, Catherine Davidson declared her requests from the mayor.

Davidson believes there is a coverage issue in the police department.

She wants documentation from the mayor to prove the vacancies are filled.


The mayor says his administration has addressed and solved public safety issues.

He says the city continues to make improvements to fully staff the police force.

He is willing to have open communication with the council members.

He hopes they work out their differences and come together.


The City Council voted to suspend the investigation against the mayor.

It will go to the District Attorney’s Office.


The City Council will wait to see if the District Attorney will proceed with the investigation.

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