City Council Discusses the Impact of Police Shortage with Citizens

The crime rate in Alexandria has risen and citizens are concerned about their children.

The City Council is working towards a solution to make everyone feel safe.


City Council President Catherine Davidson subpoenaed the Mayor of Alexandria to a special council meeting to discuss the shortage of policing.

She tells us that she doesn’t want an investigation.

She just wants the city safe.

She tells us why it is important to find a solution to crime.


Davidson called the meeting to ask the Mayor and his Administration for an action plan on how to fix the police shortages.

She also wants documentation to prove the zones are covered.

She begs the public to ask for help from the Rapides Sheriff’s Office until vacancies are filled.


Councilwoman Cynthia Perry works for the Rapides Parish School System.

She knows first-hand the pain of students getting killed.

The City Council empathized with her as they discussed how to proceed.


One citizen does not believe more policing is the right solution.

Milton believes the community itself needs to make a change.

He believes that more responsibility should be put on the parents.


Catherine Davidson says the Mayor’s Administration should implement a police officer recruiting plan to fix the shortages.

She hopes they can work together to decrease the crime rate.


On May 12th, Catherine Davidson will call another special meeting to address more policing issues.