Child calls 911 to report a possible overdose

On Wednesday 05/11/2022 at about 0900hrs, Boyce Police Officers received a call to the 700 block of Blarney Street in Boyce for a possible overdose. The caller was an eight-year-old girl who lived in residence.

Once on the scene, officers entered the residence to investigate. Officers first contacted a white female, Amber Young, age 25, who was sweating with dilated pupils. Ms. Young was asked if there was anyone else in the home, and she replied “yes,” her boyfriend. Officers searched the home and found a white male, Brandon Glorioso, age 26, sitting against a wall naked. Mr. Glorioso had vomit around him with traces of blood. While awaiting EMS to arrive, a white powdery substance was discovered around the couple, and Ms. Young advised that the substance was fentanyl.

Mr. Glorioso and Ms. Young were escorted by Acadian ambulance service to Rapides Regional Hospital for observation. The two young children in the home were given to a family member.

Law Enforcement officers had Arrest Warrants signed for Amber Young and Brandon Glorioso for Prohibited acts Schedule II and two counts of Contributing to the delinquency of juveniles. A search warrant of the residence was also signed. More narcotics were discovered during the home search, fentanyl, and oxycodone.

Amber Young was released from Rapides Regional Hospital and taken into custody by the Alexandria City Marshals. The charges are one count of Prohibited acts Schedule II, two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, four counts of Possession of CDS II (suspected fentanyl), and one count of possession of CDS II (suspected oxycodone). Brandon Glorioso is still under medical care and, once released, will be arrested.

A spokesperson for the Boyce Police Department advised that these calls are the most dangerous and tragic. The drug does not care about your race, gender, or financial status. It is a killer and devastates families.

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