CGR- Local man helps with Hurricane Ida recovery, donates food to victims

A Central Louisiana resident is stepping up to feed hurricane Ida victims with a passion for spreading love.

Meet Darryl Walker, also known as Sweetie, an award-winning pitmaster and founder of Sweetie’s BBQ in Natchitoches. Whether it’s local neighborhoods or aiding the aftermath of natural disasters, he and his team are reaching anyone who needs help.

“I cook with a lot of love. That’s the difference in my barbecue from other people. They taste it when they eat it. I pray over it, and I want it to be good for them,” said Daryl Walker, founder of Sweetie’s BBQ.

The city of Natchitoches recognized Walker for his community outreach after winning first place in the rib division at the Memphis in May barbeque contest with food. Walker is making strides to give a variety of communities a sense of belonging.

Patricia Walker, the wife of Sweetie, says she’s been along for the journey since Sweetie started outreach as just a hobby. She was helping serve Hurricane Ida victims at a recent event and expressed that the growth is undeniable.

“Every time we do an event, whether we’re selling food or giving it away, we end up with lines like this,” said Patricia Walker, Sweetie’s wife.

Sweetie says the response is rewarding and hopes people receive the underlying message.

“That people feel like they’re loved even in all the problems that they’re going through in life. We want to show them that we love them, we’ve got their back, and we’re going to be here for them. If they want us to come back, we’ll come back,” said Walker.