Cenla Retired Teachers’ Association Celebrates Founder’s Day to Lift Up Teachers

The Cenla Retired Teachers’ Association celebrated their 62nd Founder’s Day and Black History Month.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how retired teachers have made an impact in the community.


The Cenla Retired Teachers’ Association paid tribute to teachers who uplift and inspire students.


The association was founded on February 8, 1961, with 10 original members.

President of Cenla Retired Teachers’ Association Jesse Turner says, “We really are just trying now to make sure that we continue to try help young people, although we are retired.”


In 1960, Rodessa Metoyer was the first female band director at Peabody and Bolton High School.

Cenla Retired Teachers’ Association Honoree Rodessa Metoyer says, “I didn’t think about being the first black, I had a job and I just got in there and did what I had to do.”


Teachers were given awards for their contribution to the education of young people.

Metoyer says, “It is one of the most noble professions that there is and just like they were saying, for instance in this room, this evening, there were many people who have been successful in other professions, that at one time, were my students like Alvin Overton, he was a student of mine.”


Program Coordinator Frankie Early organized this program to show their appreciation for educators.

“We saluted six people today, to encourage them to continue to come to our meetings and continue to know that we care about them.”


Cenla Retired Teachers Association Honoree Freddie Banks was one of the six members saluted for their teaching service.

“It means people don’t forget about you, even though you get up in age.”


Being a part of this association allows him to see his impact on students’ lives.

“I feel great because I see people, I’ve touched their teaching career early in life when they were nothing but children.”


Their goal is to show retired teachers they are valued in the community.

The Cenla Retired Teachers’ Association now have 30 active members.