Cenla Residents Share Their Favorite Thanksgiving Memories

During Thanksgiving, families travel across the country to visit each other.

It is a time to spend time with family and enjoy a good meal.


CENLA residents share their favorite memories of Thanksgiving.

Harlan Victor Jr. says his favorite memory is spending time with his family during Thanksgiving.

“We sing a lot, we’re a singing family, we’re a family of musicians. We do a lot of games, a lot of day games and night games.”


Sol Draper says one Thanksgiving she found out she had a generous “rich” uncle.

“We had the big meal and everything and it was enjoyable and all of that, but then afterwards, he gathered up all the cousins and he took us to the dollar store and he gave us each of us a Walmart bag and he said fill it up with as many sweets as you want, as you can fit in there and I will buy it for you.”


Sophie Moore says she loved spending time with her grandpa on Thanksgiving.

“We all sat down and ate together and like, it was the first time my grandpa has been able to go on a trip with us and then after we finished eating, we all went outside because the cabin was on an incline, and we all bundled up in our coats and rolled down the hill and it was just super sweet and fun and childlike.”


Each person came from different walks of life, but they all shared their love for family.

Make sure you to count your blessings during your Thanksgiving holiday.