Cabrini Hospital Harvest of Health Fair Expo

Cabrini Hospital held a heath fair.  ABC News’ Joel Massey has more.

“When you have opportunities like this that no matter how old you are take advantage of them because your health is your most precious thing.”

Betty Lee attended Cabrini Hospital’s Harvest of Health Wellness Expo where she got her cholesterol and blood pressure checked and was screened for diabetes.

“It has been most informative, and I think a lot of people would benefit by it if they would attend things like this even though as old as I am I’m still learning.”

Program Director Ashley Davis tells us what the expo is all about.

“We’ve partnered with several different entities in the hospital to do blood glucose screenings, A1Cs, cholesterol, we’re running blood pressures oxygen saturation levels, we have some education on our sleep center and also our stroke and hypertension programs.”

Davis talked about how the expo informed folks about diabetes.

“It educates those on what diabetes looks like, if they have diabetes, if they’re pre-diabetic or even if there’s a family history.  This gives them the education in the community to know what they can do to help themselves or help family members.”