Businesswomen Inspire Each Other at 10th Annual Chamber’s Women in Business Conference

The Cenla Chamber of Commerce’s 10th Annual Women in Business Conference brought together professionals to celebrate each other.

Their goal is to inspire and encourage women to keep growing their businesses.

Chamber of Commerce Board Member and Kids B’Dazzled Owner Mary Byrd says, “I always learn something new and it’s inspiring. What it does, it brings women together of all titles and groups and helps them to be motivated because everyone has their own story.”

CEO of McQuain Group, LLC Sandra McQuain says, “I have a daughter who will be entering the workforce and leaving college in a few years, and you know, it’s frustrating for me that all those things I’ve been fighting for and that her grandmother fought for, she’s going to still have to go out there and fight for and I want to get things done more quickly. And I think women as a group, as a voice, as a force, can make change happen more quickly.

President of Central LA Regional Chamber of Commerce Deborah Randolph says she is proud to help women learn and grow together.

“I want to pave the way for other women to reach their goals with their careers in our community, in our region, and in our state and this is a great opportunity to bring together other successful women to share their stories of how they made that happen for themselves.”

Executive Director of Governor’s Office for Women’s Policy Renee Antoine educated businesswomen about equal pay, paid family leave, and maternity leave.

Renee Antoine says when women learn how to take care of themselves, they can pour more into their businesses.

“I hope you have at least an hour of self-care every single day that’s uninterrupted from partners, from children, from bosses, from staff, whomever it is, you just need to turn it off and just say no. And really, mental wellness overall is going to improve when women take the time, they need for themselves, physically and mentally, whether that’s on the job or at home.”

With this conference, women can gain valuable insight to further their professional careers.

Chamber of Commerce Board Member and Kids B’Dazzled Owner Mary Byrd says, “What’s neat about this is that when you listen to other different challenges that women have in business, and we find that really learn how to deal with that.”

Mayor of Alexandria Jeff Hall declared October 14th as Central Louisiana Women in Business Day.