Bunkie Hoop Mill Catches Fire


At around 11 pm Tuesday evening a large fire was spotted at Bunkie Wood Products, Inc., also known as Louisiana Hoop Company.

Several fire departments from surrounding areas assisted the Bunkie Fire Department Tuesday night as they worked tirelessly through the evening to extinguish the flame.

The fire is contained at this time.  No injuries have been reported and arson has been ruled out as a cause of the fire.

“no one got injured…thank god…a building can be replaced…” said Bunkie Fire Department Chief, Joseph Frank, as he continued to work at the scene Wednesday morning.

Louisiana Hoop Company manufactures industrial wood pallets, crates, boxes and other packaging products.

The company has around 30 employees and was built in Bunkie in the 1930’s.

The wood storage building sustained the majority of the damage and the cause of   the fire is still under investigation.

Bert Cochran, a partner with Louisiana Hoop Company, has estimated damages to the building to be around $600,000.