Buckeye High Student Canaan Hoosier Chosen as Louisiana Young Hero

Buckeye High Student Canaan Hoosier is being honored as a Louisiana Young Hero for his community service work.

Canaan Hoosier says, “It’s truly incredible to say the least, my mom had originally nominated me for the award, and she told me about it and when she did, we both really looking forward to it, hoping I would get it, and when I did, I was just ecstatic.”


Canaan Hoosier says he has always had a passion for bettering his community.

“I think a Louisiana Young Hero is someone who has a genuine want and truly cares for other people in the fact that they want to better their life but also other people’s, day in and day out.”


Despite numerous health challenges, he still gives back to those in need.

His mother Lacey Hoosier says, “Whenever he was younger, he was diagnosed with tick disorder, mild autism, color blindness, and dyslexia. I had to watch him go through a lot and as a parent, that’s difficult, but it was one of those prideful situations where you see him overcome and see he was able to smile through it all, succeed, and learn to cope with all of that.”


He has volunteered more than 600 hours to community service.

“My mom kinda always had this saying she would say to our family to keep the idea in our minds and that was to be a good human and I feel like that simple saying over time kinda was the seed, if you will, for me wanting to get involved in the community.”


His next project is to build an outside classroom where students can learn about nature.

“We’re hoping to push for that more in the upcoming weeks and months and start getting to work on that. I would just say continuing our efforts in community service and bettering the community of Deville.”


Hoosier says he loves to include everyone to serve with him.

The Louisiana Young Heroes will receive special awards and recognition in Baton Rouge on Louisiana Young Heroes’ Day on Monday, April 24.