Buckeye High School Teaches Students the Importance of Celebrate Freedom Week

After legislation Act No. 370 passed during this year’s session, each public school is required to recognize “Celebrate Freedom Week.”

As part of this observance, all students will be given instruction on topics related to freedom.


Buckeye High School History Teacher Denise Edmondson loves teaching students about the concepts within our government.

“I feel like that’s something that we want to try to encourage with Freedom Week, like hey, these are things that we are given by our government and things that help us become better citizens and help us live our lives and sometimes we might take those things for granted.”


Buckeye High Student Hope Foster says Mrs. Edmondson makes learning about federalism and the separation of powers fun.

“We get to learn about our nation’s history and where they’ve come from and it’s amazing that our founding fathers have written something that still affects us to this day and it’s very cool to see how our government works today and I enjoy it.”

Mrs. Edmondson says by studying how the government is structured, students will not take their freedoms for granted.


Schools in Rapides Parish will observe “Celebrate Freedom Week” from September 12th to September 16th.

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