Boyce Police Officers arrest man for kidnapping

On Wednesday, 12/28/2022, at approximately 5:17 p.m., Boyce Police officers were dispatched to a residence on Killarney Street in Boyce, La., for a person under the influence acting in a violent state. Officers arrived on the scene, and the individual left the scene and headed to Galway Street in Boyce.

Officers contacted the subject, Broderick Mccoy, age 43, of Boyce, La.

Mr. Mccoy advised that he was jumped by a group of people on Galway Street and peppered sprayed. Officers saw no sign on Mr. Mccoy of a chemical agent being used on him and called in the detectives to investigate.

Detectives were able to ascertain the candor of the incident. Mr. Mccoy went to a family member’s house in Boyce and violently took his step-grandson, a toddler, from the residence and went to Galway Street in Boyce. A family member of Mr. McCoy’s and a legal guardian of the toddler attempted to retrieve the toddler back, but Mr. Mccoy became violent. The victims grappled the toddler away from Mr. Mccoy and leave the area.

Law enforcement attempted to retrieve information from Mr. Mccoy on the allegations and began making threats. The suspect was advised that he was under arrest and became violent with arresting officers. Mr. Mccoy was booked into DC-1 on the following charges:

· Simple kidnapping

· Cruelty toward a child

· Two counts of simple battery

· Disturbing the peace

· Resisting arrest