Boyce PD says burglary will not be tolerated

May 17, 2023

The Boyce Police Department is seeking public assistance in information concerning a burglary that was committed Tuesday evening, May 16th. The burglary occurred at an apartment at Boyce Gardens, a low-in-common residence.

The victim, a single mother with a child, came home from work and discovered her apartment had been broken into. The victim immediately calls the Boyce Police Department to report the crime.

A spokesperson for the police department advises that all burglaries that occurred are bad. Citizens work hard every day for what they have in their homes. This burglary is a bit more sinister because you have a single mother attempting to make a better life for herself and her child and come back home after work, and her hard-earned belongings have been taken and her home broken into. The hard-working citizens of Boyce do not welcome this behavior and will not be tolerated by Law Enforcement. The victim gave a list of items that had been taken, and the police department is requesting that if anyone has information, do not hesitate to contact the police department at 318-793-5098: a flat screen tv, two play station gaming systems, and several boxes of shoes.

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