Boyce PD called out for domestic disturbance, arrested Boyce woman

On Tuesday, 10/05/2021, at about 11:15am, Boyce Police Officers were dispatched to a domestic disturbance in progress.

Once on the scene, officers spoke with the victim, black male age 43 years of age. The victim advised that his girlfriend Sheila Lowe black female age 54 years of age, attacked him with a cane. The victim advised that the attack was because he would work, and she did not want him to leave. The victim told officers that he was in the living room when Ms. Lowe attacked him with a cane and when the cane broke, she attempted to stab him. The victim then advised that he could get out of the apartment and jumped in his co-worker’s vehicle, and Ms. Lowe punched the passenger’s side door frame causing damage. Witnesses at the scene gave the same account of the incident as the victim.

Victim and witnesses instructed Law Enforcement that Ms. Lowe was in apartment 2B with unknown weapons inside the apartment.

Officers entered the apartment to see Ms. Lowe was sitting on the couch. Officers gave the suspect instructions to lay on the floor several times, and she refused. Officers deployed a bean bag non-lethal simulation to gain compliance with the suspect.

Ms. Lowe was seen by medical staff and released to the custody of The Boyce Police Department. Ms. Lowe was charged with and booked into Detention one on Aggravated Battery (Domestic), (2CTS) criminal damage, Resisting an Officer, two outstanding warrants from Alexandria Police Department, and an outstanding warrant through Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Department.

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