Boyce man arrested and charged with second degree rape

On Monday, 5/30/2022, at about 5:30 p.m. A concerned citizen notified the Boyce Police Department about a female at the park crying and upset. The citizen advised law enforcement that the victim advised she woke up naked, dizzy and confused and told them she had non-consensual sexual relations.

A Boyce Police officer contacted the victim and the C.IU. (Crisis Intervention Unit) designed to deal with sexual assault victims. An investigation was launched, and the investigator identified the alleged sexual miscreant as, Steffan Brouilliette. Warrants were issued by the Boyce Police Department for the capture of Mr. Brouilliette.

On Wednesday 06/01/2022, The Boyce S.W.A.T. executed an arrest warrant on Steffan Brouilliette in Boyce, La.,  Officers took Mr. Brouilliette into custody without incident. Steffan Brouilliette was booked into DC-1 on the charges of: Entry on or remaining in place or on land after being forbidden, simple criminal damage to property, a battery of a dating partner, disturbing the peace, false imprisonment, sexual battery, and second-degree rape.

A spokesperson from the Boyce Police Department encourages anyone who is the victim of a sexual battery to contact their local law enforcement agency or local hospital for assistance.

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