Book Signing


Author Cheri Taylor Book Signing Event

WHEN: 6/08/13

TIME: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

WHERE: Tamp & Grind Coffee shop, 828 4th Street Alexandria, LA 71301

WHAT: Taylor, a resident of Lamar, IN, will be available to sign copies of her book, The Other Side of Broken.

After nearly twelve years of believing that Mr. Drummer was my knight in shining armor, I began to notice the armor was not so shiny anymore. There was a large area of tarnish, rust, and dirt that was beginning to be more and more apparent every day.

By the time her marriage was over, Cheri Taylor had learned a valuable lesson: listen to the Lord when he speaks, not ten years later. If she had listened in the first place, when she realized that God was not leading her to marry Mr. Drummer, she would not be in this situation. She heard, but did not heed. She was doing her own thing. And after suffering through the arguments, lies, and unhappiness, Cheri realized that if she had followed God in the first place, she would not be contemplating her life as a divorce.

But would divorce make her lesser in God’s eyes? Would she ever be close to Him again and serve Him through the calling she had felt for years on her life? Through the pain and struggles, Cheri learns that as long as you seek Him, He will be found. God was not going to punish Cheri for her divorce; He was going to help her because she asked Him to.

Secure in the knowledge of the reality of God’s calling and presence in her life, Cheri offers encouragement to readers throughout The Other Side of Broken. There is still hope, there is still help, and there is still joy.