Bolton Bears embrace rebuild and familiarity in the new season

The heat seemed “unbearable” but that didn’t stop the Bolton Bears from returning to the field to get back to work.

Head Coach, Mark Teague, is excited about a handful of things this season.

Like any other coach, he’s thankful to be back on the field.

The Bears have quite a few starters coming back to the team.

What he considers a “coaching haul”, he’s added some new faces to the staff including a state championship coach.

“I’m really excited. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I was gone. To be back and around these kids is like that long-lost girlfriend.”

Long lost but not too far, the Bears have plenty of starters returning to the field.

Teague says that with a hefty amount of veterans, practices can go a lot smoother.

“We’ve got about 16 starters coming back. They’ve been playing together not since they’ve been here at Bolton, but they’ve played youth ball together. So, the familiarity with each one and a lot of stuff we used to teach, we don’t have to teach anymore.”

A significant addition to the Bears, Coach Anthony Milner, a former state championship coach, can bring some of those winning skills and drills to the team.

“Not only is is he state championship winning coach, but he’s also a coach that has a similar mindset with is really important as I have. His maturation and level of knowledge as far as coaching is tremendous. You can’t price on it. He’s one of those coaches that no matter what area on the field, he knows how to coach it.”

Teague says that the team has adapted pretty well to the new guidelines. The younger guys are scheduled earlier in smaller groups while the older guys are to come later in bigger sizes.

He personally likes this method and may continue to use it once everything has been deemed safe again.

“It’s been a God send to have them in small groups like that. I think it’s something that going forward, hopefully through the grace of God that this thing passes through and we can go back to businesses as usual next year. I may keep this small group deal like this. It’s worked out tremendously for us so far.”