Big-name Louisiana Republicans on Hand for Annual Reagan Fundraiser

The Rapides Parish Executive Republican Committee held their annual Ronald Reagan dinner fundraiser Saturday.  On hand were some big Republican names throughout the state.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey was there and has this report.

Randy Wiggins is the Chairman of the Rapides Parish Executive Republican Committee and he helped put together the fundraiser bringing in Republican speakers from all over the state.  He tells me some of the goals of the committee.

“Right now we believe all politics is truly local and so we’re starting over from the beginning. We want to look at every official race that’s in this parish and we want to identify folks who espouse conservative values… We need to be engaged and involved and to do that you have to elect good people.”

Fifth District Congresswoman Julia Letlow is running for reelection this November and she gave the keynote address.

“As I traverse all 24 parishes of my district I hear about things like inflation and gas prices and how the American people are hurting, and I want to go up to Washington and make a difference.”

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry also spoke.

“We had a great discussion about some of the great achievements we’ve made over the last seven years as the Attorney General.  And then we talked about what Louisiana’s future could look like.  And so again, some of the things that are plaguing people, some of the things that get people, not only people in Alexandria but around Louisiana a lot of anxiety like crime education, healthcare some of those issues all those issues that we’ve been fighting for, for the people of Louisiana over the past seven years.”

Here’s what Landry said when I asked about a run for governor for him.

“We’ve got a whole big election cycle coming next year. We’ve got a great election cycle coming in November hopefully we’ll get all our members of congress elected.  And then we’ll see what happens next year.”

As Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser oversees promoting tourism in the state.  He is also planning on running for governor next year but won’t make an announcement until after the midterms.

Billy Nungusser, Lieutenant Governor

“I spoke a little about politics, at the Reagan dinner you have to.  And then I dove into how we’re going to recover after Covid for our tourism industry the fourth largest industry in Louisiana and what we’re doing to bring that industry back to the record breaking numbers we had prior to Covid.”

“We’re just excited about the enthusiasm around Louisiana not only for the tourism industry but sporting events Mardi Gras promoting Mardi Gras in every corner of the state we’ll be back at the Rose Parade and Macy’s Parade again.”

State Treasurer John Schroder said the infusion of federal money this past year for the state is going away.

“All the money from the disasters with Covid and hurricane emergency money just flowing into the state right now one of the things I talked about was what happens when all that money goes away.  We’re starting to have budget deficits starting again next year we’ve seen that happen before.”

Schroder was recently named National Chairman of the Treasurers Association.

“We’ve been battling things coming out of Washington that’s really damaging the fossil fuels industry and the oil and gas industry.  So, we’re working real hard on policy and that retirees understand where their money is being invested.

Wiggins spoke about how the money raised would be spent.

“It’s going to go to our parish executive committee for our account and so from that money we will hold other functions community functions where people can come meet with elected officials.  We’ll help them set those up and then we’ll be identifying other folks who possibly wants to run for office, and we’ll recruit and then support those people.”

He said they raised more than $20,000 for the night.