Bear Den Parent Club Organizes Uniforms for High School Students

Bear Den Parent Club is a non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance the quality of education and well-being of students.

Jennifer Hamilton was proud to organize uniforms for Bolton High students.

Volunteers organized the uniforms by size and checked them for any tears.


Jennifer encourages parents to join and get involved in school activities.

She says parents need to be ready to jump in whenever they are needed.

Jennifer feels it is important for students to feel confident for the school year.


Jennifer Hamilton, Treasurer of the Bear Den Parent Club says, “We don’t want any kids to feel self-conscious or unprepared for the school day. We just want them to be here. We want them to show up to school, ready to learn.”

“We are here to increase school spirit. We are here to let the faculty know they are supported with anything they need. And when administration has something, they just can’t add to their plate, we want to fill in those gaps.”


For more details on the Bear Den Parent Club events, log on to their Facebook page.

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