Ball Elementary Invites Miss Louisiana to Lead Community Mardi Gras Parade

As part of Louisiana culture, Rapides Parish schools are throwing parades to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Ball Elementary put on their first Mardi Gras parade since COVID-19.


Ball Elementary teachers inspire students to engage in Louisiana culture through the parade.

Third Grade Teacher Beth Matthews says, “Stories that we read dig deep into our Louisiana culture, like the history, how we became a state and so we decided today, it would be a perfect opportunity to kinda incorporate all of things that we learned in our curriculum with our Mardi Gras parade.”


Students and faculty worked together to create unique Mardi Gras parade floats.

“We just decided today would be a great day, especially for our third graders to just enjoy some things that they don’t always get to, maybe some don’t have that exposure to some good Louisiana cuisine and king cake, just a day of fun to bring it all together.”


Ball Elementary invited Miss Louisiana Gracie Reichman to expose students to community leaders.

“To the kids that I’m speaking to today, I want them to know that through the influence and the mentors that you have in your life, you’re able to unlock your full potential and have that confidence within yourself, find your voice, and know what you want to advocate for and spread that with the world.”


Miss Louisiana crowned Ball Elementary Student of the Year Sophia Matthews as Grand Marshal to lead the parade.

“I think that’s pretty cool because I don’t think a whole lot of other kids who were nominated and got Student of the Year got to do that, so I think it’s going to be so fun because I think maybe this is the first time that we’re doing this, and I think it’s just honorable to do it.”


Each club made their own float to express their love for Mardi Gras.

Sophia Matthews says, “I just think it’s really fun, you get to spend time with your family, you get candy and beads, and you get to celebrate your culture with it.”


Students from Pre-K To sixth grade participated in the parade to bring the Ball community together.

Miss Louisiana will be traveling to different schools to promote her “Think Twice, Be Nice” platform.