ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Jena’s, Jordan Jackson, lifted the Giants to new heights this season

“As a sophomore, we put him in at week 5 or week 6. We just kind of threw him to the wolves and told him this is your team.”

And he ran with it. Literally.

Jena quarterback, Jordan Jackson, has officially closed the chapter on his senior football campaign. Although the season didn’t end to his liking, in last week’s loss in the quarterfinals, he left it all on the field.

“I tried to do anything I could do to win. I left it all out there.”

As an aggressive quarterback, Jordan relies a lot on his legs to make plays. Aside from his passing stats, Jordan posted a 149 carries for 821 yards and 12 TDs.

He credits Coach Jay Roark for trusting him in those times but also a huge thanks to his offensive line.

“When I’m passing and everybody drop and nobody can tackle me, I’m going to go. That’s what coach told me. If nobody can tackle you, just go and I’d rather do that. Two bad things can happen when you throw the ball, nothing really happens when you run. I got sacked like six times this year but I got sacked about six times in one game last year so that’s good.”

“He wanted to run the ball. If there was a big moment, he wanted to be the guy that had the ball in his hands and he did a great job for us. He made some huge plays for us and he really carried the team the other night. Of course, he has a lot of guys up front blocking for him. He’s not doing it all on his own but really just putting the team on his back the other night giving us a chance against a team that nobody in the state really gave us a chance against.”

Having led the Giants for over two seasons, Jordan has left behind some big shoes to fill.

Reflecting back to his sophomore year, getting his number called, Roark says it was a slight risk, but a risk they were willing to take.

They saw Jordan’s greatness back then and they knew he would grow to be someone special.

Jordan just locked in and bought in the Giant program.

“We knew there would be some growing pains, but we thought it would pay off in the long run. We knew he was going to be special. Hindset, 2020, I wish we would’ve started the season with him there. I think he would’ve been an even better quarterback at a young age.”

“I want to leave the legacy that you don’t have to have talent to be good. It just takes everyone to buy into it.”


(Photo courtesy: The Town Talk)