ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Arthur Lavalais

If you’re familiar with Peabody football, then this athlete should come at no surprise.

Star RB for the Warhorses, Arthur Lavalais, is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

He says that he’s thankful for the honor because he feels as though his work is being recognized.

“King Arthur” as they call him around the school is only a sophomore– but he never touched the JV roster. He started off on the varsity squad from the jump.

Besides going harder, Arthur says that what keeps him motivated the most is honoring his late grandmother.

“My family, you know, just trying to make it out of here… you know do something with my life. You know, try to make good grades and I do it for my grandmother. She passed in 2014 and that was like my mother in a way, so I just do it for her everyday.”

Arthur says he’s been passionate about the game since the young age of 7.

“Its a family atmosphere. You know you’re competitive, compete every play.. it’s just the intensity of the game. Why you don’t love it?”

One of the most humble players on the roster, Arthur takes up the leader role as well.

“Just lead by example. I just tell them its just a regular game and let God handle what we do.”