A veteran leader on the team, Andrew Dauzat is more than deserving of Athlete of the Week.

Closing in on his senior year, head coach, Jonathan Landry, says he’s nothing nothing but growth from Dauzat on and off the field.

“We’ve seen him mature a lot this year. His work ethic over the summer and leading into the fall and all fall has been the biggest difference I’ve seen in him.”

Being that Buckeye is a small school, they don’t possess a long roster. Most players are expected to play both ways. Dauzat has excelled at this by playing at both defensive lineman and offensive lineman. He’s been a two-way starter since his sophomore year.

“It’s definitely challenging. We work our butt off in the summer to get conditioned right because we have to play both sides of the ball. We’re small. Just put the best 11 on the field and just giving it your all.”

Though it may be challenging, Dauzat says he enjoys his role.

“It’s fun. I was recently a nose guard but they moved me up to tackle and it’s more fun than being a nose guard. You get to break more tackles, tackle more people, wreck house a little bit. So, it’s more fun than what I was doing earlier.

Dauzat says that his father and grandfather are what got him interested in the sport. He basically grew up on football. But, what mostly keeps him passionate about it is being apart of the brotherhood, the bond his shares with his coach, and holding the pride of representing the Buckeye Panthers.

“I look at him like a son. I have two sons of my own at home and he’s like a third son to me. I love him to death. He’s just a great character guy. He’s just a guy that you would love to be around and he’s just an outstanding young man.”

“We’ve got each other’s back no matter what. In the field, in the battle…. we’ve got each other…. real brothers.”


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  • October 14, 2019 at 12:05 am

    A guy like him will definitely have a good future for sports and jobs. He applies all the discipline he learned from the sports and will make it habit for life.

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