Arrest Made in Incident at Brame Middle School

Press Release – On December 19th, 2016, the parents of a student at Brame Middle School came to the school as the school day was ending and allegedly created a disturbance with school administrators.

According to the initial complaint, students were still on campus as members of the faculty were preparing for a basketball game.  Unfortunately, the Deputy School Resource Officer had already left for the day.  The parents went to the office of the girls basketball coach where the male parent, identified as 41 year-old Terry Jermain Fisher of Alexandria, allegedly began to yell and curse at the coach and verbally threatened to do physical harm.  While he was yelling at the coach, Fisher allegedly slammed his hands down onto a rolling cart, breaking the Plexiglas top.  According to witnesses, the male allegedly also told the coach that he would “bomb this school.”  The male was pulled from the office by the other parent and left the campus.

After Fisher left, students approached faculty members throughout the basketball game, fearing that he was going to return to the school because of his threats of violence.  A report was made the next day and Sheriff’s Detectives began their investigation.  During their investigation, witnesses were interviewed and Detectives developed probable cause that supported the initial allegations.  Warrants were obtained for Fisher’s arrest and on December 27th, detectives arrested Fisher without incident and he was booked into Rapides Parish Detention Center where he remains on a $65,500.00 bond.

Charges:              Assault on a School Teacher, Unlawful Disruption of the Operation of a School, Criminal Damage to Property, Communicating of False Information of Planned Bombing on School Property, at a School Function, or in a Firearm-free Zone and Contempt of Court.