Animal Cruelty Reported in Alexandria

puppy On 02-03-2014, illness the Alexandria Police charged a 13year old Juvenile from Alexandria with 1ct-Cruelty to Animals, in connection with an animal abuse complaint.

On 02-02-2014 at 7:27 P.M., the Alexandria Police Department received several complaints that there was a video of a male abusing a small puppy circulating on social media. The report and the video indicated that the abuse occurred in the Alexandria area.

As a result of the complaint and investigation, Officers located the puppy at a residence in Alexandria. The puppy was removed by animal control and moved to a safe shelter. A Juvenile at the residence was identified as the perpetrator, was charged and processed accordingly. Any additional charges will be determined by prosecutors and investigators as the case moves through the prosecution process.

It is important to note that social media is not the proper method for reporting criminal activity. Many law enforcement agencies do not monitor social media 24/7. In fact, social media contributed to much disinformation regarding this case. Virtually every address for the suspect provided and attributed to social media was incorrect (although likely well intended). Officers had to spend significant time and resources exhausting these erroneous leads – before locating the puppy and perpetrator. Any person with direct knowledge relating to a crime should directly contact the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Finally, we are happy to report that the puppy has been seen by a veterinarian and is fine. The final disposition of the puppy will be determined by the judicial process. The Alexandria Police Department will not be involved in that process; however, we are confident that the puppy will be safely placed.

– APD Press Release 02/03/2014