Always something new at the Fish Hatchery in Natchitoches

To visit the Aquarium is FREE and Open to the public every day from 8-3 (closed for Federal holidays). You can enjoy the animals, get a break from the heat and don’t forget to sign in. Over the last 3 months they have  had over 1,500 visitors including vacationers from all across the Unites States, and a few check ins from Mexico, Brazil and Spain.

These Gopher Tortoise eggs were collected in May and June and have been incubating ever since. They have two incubators, one set at ~88 degrees F and the other at ~83F. The higher temp typically produces ~90% females while the cooler temp is associated with males. Once hatched the tortoises have a small yolk sac on their plastron (bottom shell protecting their belly) and will absorb this over the first several days until fully eating on their own.

They are located at 615 South Dr., Natchitoches, LA  (318) 352-5324

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