Alexandria Zoo Gets Two New Bobcats

The Alexandria Zoo has two new bobcats to add to its inhabitants.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey has more about them and the camp for kids coming up this summer.

Max Lakes, Alexandria Zoo Director said, “We have actually new bobcats in.  The exhibit was redone a few years back.  We had some bobcats that lived with us for a long time lived a great life but got old and unfortunately passed due to age and then there were a couple of bobcats in Kansas that needed a new home and we had the home available so they came here to live with us.”

Lakes talks about the new bobcats that they have on site and the habitat they have to house them.

“It’s amazing it allows the bobcats to live and do natural behaviors so they get to climb a lot because bobcats in the wild they want to climb they want to look for their prey they want to ambush their different prey so we have it to where they can get up and see down a lot and they’re using it tremendously so we see what we would consider some very happy cats.”

With the weather warming up lakes says it’s the perfect time to visit the zoo.

“Well springtime is here so come on out as you’re looking at the bobcats know that our aviary is open now so you can buy a seed stick walk through feed the birds and just have an amazing good time springtime here in Louisiana.”

Summer Safari for students kindergarten through 8th grade is coming up where kids can experience the world of animals the zoo has to offer.  Education Associate Julianne Turner tells us all about what to expect.

“We have six different camp weeks between June and July.  Each week we offer camp for two different age groups. So, we offer camps for kindergarten, first and second grade, third and fourth, fifth and sixth, and seventh and eighth.  So, they’re kind of grouped together that way and it kind of runs the gambit of what the theme is going to be.  So, some of them are wildlife superheroes or zoo careers and how to work in a zoo.  For the littles we like to do movement-based games and activities and during each week they get a variety of meet and greets with animals.”