Alexandria Zoo Celebrates Centennial Birthday

The Alexandria Zoo celebrated their Centennial Birthday.

The Alexandria Zoo is celebrating 100 years of educating the public about wildlife education. Parents and children are coming out to support and celebrate with the zoo.


Zoo Visitor Kathreen Rennier says, “I went on the jumper and I’m going to get my face painting and after that, we’re going to see some more animals.”


Director of the Alexandria Zoo Max Lakes says he is grateful to the community for all their support of the zoo.

“Through each and every trial and tribulation that we’ve had, the community has been there for us, they’ve been supportive, whether it be with volunteer time, money, or just saying, “Hey, we’re here for you. We’ll come back when it’s open.” And they did.”


The zoo offered interactive activity stations for kids to paint, jump in the bouncy house, and play in an obstacle course.


Zoo Visitors Ar’Mhynee Antoine and Ar’Mhree Antoine says, “We were on a bouncy castle and then we saw a lot of animals and it was so cool and then we went on another bouncy castle and now we’re getting freezies. And it was super cool.”


Renie Saucier, Member of the Board of Directors says, “It means a lot to see this many people in the community coming together to witness everything we have in this zoo that we can offer.”


Director of the Alexandria Zoo Max Lakes says, “We’re happy to serve them and provide the zoo to them so this is our way of saying thank you back because we know going into the next 100 years, we won’t be able to do it without the support that we’re seeing here today.”


With a slice of cake by Atwood’s Bakery and lemonade, visitors left with a smile on their faces.

The Alexandria Zoo plans to expand with a new tiger exhibit and gorilla enclosure.