Alexandria Woman Attemps to Deliver Contraband to Inmate Work Crew

Press Release – On July 9th, 2018 at approximately 9:45 a.m., a deputy was supervising a work crew in the 2600 block of 6th Street in Alexandria when he observed a black female quickly walking towards the work crew.  For security of the civilian and the work crew, the deputy went to intercept her and observed her toss a clear baggie with a green substance in it at the feet of the work crew.

The deputy made contact with the female as she was picking up the clear baggie and believing she was attempting to deliver contraband to the work crew, placed her in handcuffs pending further investigation.  As she is being placed in handcuffs, she broke from the deputy and fled the scene in handcuffs, with the clear baggie.

The deputy immediately secured his work crew and notified Sheriff’s Dispatch of the situation.  A description of the female was put out over the radio and deputies assigned to Metro Division along with other deputies, responded to the area.  As deputies searched the area, one of the Metro deputies saw an abandoned house on Wahlder Street with an open front door.  As the deputy went to clear the house for intruders, he located a black female, handcuffed, hiding behind a couch.  The deputy then transported her back to the scene where the Road Crew deputy was and he confirmed the she was the subject that ran from him and those were his handcuffs she was wearing.  The clear baggie containing suspected marijuana was also found on the suspect.

The female identified herself as Kellie Wells.  Wells was placed under arrest and transported to the Rapides Parish Detention Center for booking.  During the booking process, deputies discovered Wells was not who she said she was and was identified as 30-year-old Audrena Nicole Bowie of Alexandria.  After positive identification, Bowie was found to have two active warrants through the 9th DA for Contempt of Court and one active warrant through Alexandria Police Department for Contempt of Court.  Bowie was also booked for Distribution of CDS I with reference to the initial contact with the work crew, Resisting By Flight and Resisting By False Information.

Corrections Security Investigators are looking into the case and more charges are possible.