Alexandria Probation and Parole Office and GEO Reentry Services Host Graduation Ceremony

The Alexandria Probation and Parole Office and GEO Reentry Services hosted a graduation ceremony for participants.


GEO Reentry Program Manager Quintell Turner says Deon Thomas was the first to enroll and complete the program.

Deon Thomas says he is honored to be the first graduate of the GEO Reentry Program.

“It feels pretty good. I’ve graduated once before from high school. It feels better to experience it again.”


The GEO Reentry staff is proud to help Deon prepare for life after probation.

Quintell Turner says, “We just worked with him on social skills. He was able to get employment, but he had struggles maintaining employment because of his personality and he didn’t like being around people all the time so what we did is that we worked with him, with social skills with him, and just give him the skills to be able to maintain employment.”


Deon Thomas says he is grateful to the staff for supporting him through the process.

“Instead of just going off my own knowledge, it’s easier to feel the guidance of somebody who is more experienced in that field to teach you most of their skills as well.”


Deon Thomas says he looks forward to pursuing more education in the future.

“I plan to be in business administration somewhere amongst the CEOs, managers, assistant managers, just slowly making my feet go forward.”


The parolees and GEO Reentry staff hope to see all the graduates do positive things in the community.

There were 19 graduates in the ceremony, and most were able to start successful careers.