Alexandria Police Officers Get Pay Increase

Alexandria, La. (April 15, 2020) — The Alexandria City Council gave final approval Tuesday to a 2 percent pay increase for Alexandria Police officers who have not yet reached the rank of corporal. The increase will go into effect at the start of the next pay period and affects 30 officers.


“All of the men and women of our Alexandria Police Department do a tremendous job protecting the citizens of Alexandria, and I am pleased to be able to provide this well-deserved increase in pay for the newest members of our police force,” said Alexandria Mayor Jeffrey W. Hall.


Hall initially offered the 2 percent pay increase as part of an across-the-board increase for all City of Alexandria employees in May of 2019. However, the current collective bargaining agreement between the City and the Alexandria Police Officers Association, Local 833, prohibits officers below the rank of corporal from receiving across-the-board increases. Members of the police union recently voted to amend the agreement to allow those officers to receive the increase.