Alexandria Middle School wins first championship in ten years with help of new leadership

The Alexandria Middle School has gone through so much in such a little time, including the hire of a new basketball coach.

Under the leadership of Coach Gary Stewart Jr. and Athletic Director, Nicole Price, the Jaguars were able to win their first championship in 10 years.
Stewart and Price says that their successful one-loss season was about the kids buying into the program, and the kids believing in themselves.

“I had to get rid of self and teach the boys to put down what they wanted to do and pick up what’s best for the team. Some felt like they were more than a team,
or weren’t apart of the team so it was about finding a balance, picking it all up and showing them my structure.”

“Just to know that it all finally has come together. Academically, and now athletics, this is done. God stepped out and did it for us. They’re happy with themselves.
Their self-esteem is high when you see them now walking around school, their head is up and they’re happy. They know that they won, we’re excited that they won but you
can see the inner-self in those kids now that they’re happy. They feel like they’ve really accomplished something.”

The Jaguars will be hosting a celebration parade, if the weather holds, tomorrow at the school starting at 1 p.m.