Alexandria Middle Magnet Honors Girls Basketball Team for Back-to-Back District Wins

As the school year ends, players are being honored for all their achievements on and off the court.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how Alexandria Middle Magnet honored the girls’ basketball team.


The Lady Jaguars had to rebuild when they lost their coach last year.

AMMS Principal Renisha Beaudion says, “Mrs. Bell was gracious enough. She did not want to do it. Mrs. Bell came to us from Marksville where she had a long history with sports. She’s done it for a long time.”


Under Coach Renee Bell, the Lady Jaguars went undefeated.

AMMS Point Guard Razyhna Hayward says, “I feel happy our team had did it.”


AMMS Girls’ Basketball Coach Renee Bell describes Hayward’s leadership as team captain.

“She’s awesome on the court but she’s very shy when you’re talking to her. But she became very outspoken on the team, Razyhna Hayward.”


They worked to become Two-Time District Champions.

AMMS Small Forward Kaylis Shakur says, “It feels great knowing that I accomplished something, and it opened my eyes, even though it was hard nights where we were sore from practice, but at the end, it came to be good, and we won District. You know, we’re champs now and we’re making history at AMS.”


Every player received a ring for their District win.

Hayward says, “Proud, proud of myself that we made it again, to be a champion.”


Alexandria Middle Magnet named Kaylis Shakur Student-Athlete of the Year.

“I feel like I’m on top, I just feel great because like, most people can’t do this, and I did it and I pushed myself to be where I am right now so basically just a great feeling.”


Their District Champion banner will forever hang at Alexandria Middle Magnet.


Renee Bell will return for a second year with the Lady Jaguars.

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