Alexandria Mayor Speaks About City Crime

Following a crime debate among city officials, Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy spoke about crime in Alexandria and shared statistics during his weekly briefing.

“This is something I’ve got to own,” says Roy, “it doesn’t matter what stats say or don’t, the truth is I have a very big problem with youth and drug-driven crime and gun crime that we have to get a hold of, right now.  Go look at the FBI stats, as someone pointed out, they’re going get actual data in a line of crimes.  But then they may get something about population that’s totally wrong just because that’s not what the FBI business is in, is following the population dynamics as well as the city.  So I would say that the FYI information is probably going to be the most accurate…”

Mayor Roy also stated that he plans to hold a press conference in the near future to provide answers about crime in the city for concerned citizens.

ABC31 News