Alexandria Mayor Jeff Hall Gives State of the City Address

Alexandria Mayor Jeff Hall gave his monthly state of the city address today.  ABC 31 News’ Joel Massey has this report.

Mayor Jeff Hall held his state of the community address today at Bolton High School.  The students submitted questions on a broad variety of topics.

The mayor addressed the Sugarhouse Road project which has received $19 million from the state and what he hopes the project will bring to the area.

Hall said, “We’re hoping that development, business development, residential development can take place, something very similar possibly like what we’ve seen on Versailles, which was a great strategy, worked well.”

Hall touched on the declining crime rate that the city has seen so far this year.

“As of to date in 2022 the trending the numbers are very, very low down compared to last year and we are grateful for that.  It’s not where we want it to be but it’s much lower than what it was.  And other crime areas is trending down.  Our numbers show that, but we still got a ways to go, and we still have to stay involved.”

The mayor also spoke about the youth community centers.

“That our community centers are all open and functional with a lot of vibrant programs that’s going on, especially the most recent is free tutoring for our pre-K and Kindergarten and third and forth grades and even higher.  The participation has been enormous and it’s free.  Parents are bringing their children being involved, trying to get their kids to be better because we all had real impacts our kids did from the pandemic.”

When the mayor spoke about poverty in the city, he addressed the students and told them that the key to fighting it their education.

“That we want them to get the best education they can get so they can go and enhance their opportunities to have higher earning wages and do better than what they can.  At the same time we want businesses that we have to keep them and we want businesses to grow in our downtown areas and in other areas of the community as well.”