Alexandria Contracts with New Meter Readers, All Systems Go Since the Security Breach

The City of Alexandria has contracted with a new meter reading company which should result in more accurate utility bills following a security breach that crippled the system during the June, July and August billing period.

Customers were billed twice in the month of July and the days of service were lengthened resulting in higher-than-normal bills. Anita Rachal with the city’s customer service said they had 8 people at any given time reading meters which were not enough to handle the work.  Now they will be maintaining 11 or more-meter readers.  Rachal says it feels good to get things back to normal.

“It feels amazing because we know that our customers, it’s been a struggle and it’s probably caused a hardship as well.  So, we’re really looking forward moving forward with Burmax and getting our customers billing cycles back on schedule.  Some of the bills that they know they’re going to get in a certain period of time, and again within reasonable days of service. It impacts the amount of the customer’s bill when bills go up to 40 to 45 days.  So we definitely recognize that and wanted to control that and get the bills back to 30 to 35 days.

The city is also working on replacing faulty meters and they say if you have any questions on the readings or need some extra time to pay your bill to contact the Alexandria Utility Office Customer Service line at 318-441-6310.

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