Acadian Ambulance Offers Paid Classes to Address Shortage of EMTs

A national shortage of paramedics has been felt greatly in recent years.

Acadian Ambulance is giving people a chance to help people and save lives.

KLAX News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how they plan to address the shortage.


As a first responder, Acadian Ambulance EMT Cade Mitchell is on the front lines everyday taking care of his patients.

“I really enjoy working as an EMT because I can see how I impact others and some people may be having the worst day of their life, but you can be there just to help them out a little bit and make their day a little bit better.”


Mitchell says he feels the effects of working 12-hour shifts but he loves his job.

“We can defibrillate patients, or we can take what is called EKGs, which we will basically look at the electrical activity that is going on inside your heart and we can tell if you’re having a heart attack, or we can tell the rhythm of your heart. From there, we can make treatment decisions before we get you to the hospital.”


Acadian Ambulance is offering a series of classes to train and certify new EMTS.

Acadian Ambulance Recruiter Shelby Proctor says, “Through our hybrid training program, the EMTs will be learning those basic life-saving skills that are essential for bridging the gap from the scene of the incident to the hospital.”


Shelby Proctor believes the classes are an important step towards addressing the EMT shortage.

“They’re actually using those certifications for a steppingstone, as a steppingstone for career pathways such as going to nursing school, PA school, or medical school. Those are fantastic career pathways. Unfortunately, this is just a challenge that we have to overcome nationwide of the shortage that we’re facing.”


Acadian Ambulance will cover their entire tuition to attend the classes.

“I would love to become a paramedic, not only because I can help others but also because I can improve in the company and grow in the company and go into leadership skills and even things like operation supervisor here locally.”


Mitchell says he could use the classes to mentor future EMTS.

“This is something I can do, not only to improve myself, but I can also help others in pursuing their dreams.”


They hope to raise awareness about the importance of EMTS and the rewarding career opportunities available.

The EMT classes start on January 9th at Acadian Ambulance.