Acadian Ambulance Honors Central Louisiana Paramedic and EMT of the Year

In 1974, President Ford chose the third week in May as EMS Week to honor EMTs and paramedics.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford has the story on how medical professionals are rewarded for the important work they do.


Every year Acadian Ambulance recognizes medics for their work ethic and dedication.

EMT Cade Mitchell says, “It does take a toll on your mental health but at the end of the day, it is our job and that I once heard that the most difficult thing somebody in this profession can do is accept the job because after that every call you go on, every patient that you pick up, is just part of the job.”


Cade Mitchell was named Central Louisiana EMT of the Year.

“It means that I was selected by not only my peers, but I feel in a roundabout way, I was also selected by my patients and the care that I provide to them and it’s also an encouragement to keep bettering myself.”


Steven Smith was chosen as Central Louisiana Paramedic of the Year.

“I have a passion for helping people. I love being a servant for other people and being a paramedic has allowed me to do that.”


For two years, they have worked together to provide excellent patient care.

Smith says, “With this job, especially as a paramedic, you are the team leader on scene, and you have to have your team in order. It is crucial that every team member is on the same page just for the benefit of the patient because if you’re not, things can go south really quick.”


Mitchell recalls a story about a patient who had overdosed.

“After a lot of work, we ended up getting him back and most of the times, we really don’t see the outcome after that. A lot of people fall back into drugs.”


Mitchell says it is rewarding to see patients after treatment.

“A couple weeks later, I was at the gas station and the guy who checked me out, he kind of looked familiar and he kind of looked at me and from a distance as I was walking out the door, he held up his key chain and he had his little token for rehab on it and that was the patient that we had got back from the overdose.”


Mitchell plans to become a flight nurse and smith will continue to train new medics.

Acadian Ambulance is looking for more paramedics and EMTs to join their team.

Sign up at their website:

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