Academy Sports Workers on Customer Feedback for Black Friday

Black Friday deals give customers the opportunity to do some early Christmas shopping.

KLAX News Reporter Keisha Swafford finds out how these deals have affected customers’ shopping experience.


Store Director Jeremy Matthews says Academy Sports opened their doors at 5 am to start Black Friday.

“A lot of shoppers, a lot of happy people out here today. We’ve stayed steady, it’s been busy since we opened the doors at 5 am this morning. A lot of positive attitudes which is always great on Black Friday. We have a ton of hot deals, we’ve got hundreds of door busters going on today, trampolines, game tables, bicycles, you name it, just about everything is on sale this weekend.”


Matthews says Academy sells fun and great deals at their stores for Black Friday.

“Everybody here wants to come here and shop. We have all kinds of hot deals going on this weekend. We got a bunch of great deals, great savings, and everybody is just having a great time.”


He says the feedback from customers have been positive so far.

“Everybody seems to be excited, usually the shoppers that come out on Black Friday expect longer lines which is always a plus. They know what to expect when they come into the store.”


Matthews says they are doing their best to make sure every customer enjoys their shopping experience.

Academy Sports will have Black Friday Deals for the rest of the weekend.