A Pineville family tries to find peace after a recent storm caused severe damage to their home


Recently a Pineville family got a surprise that would leave them, looking for somewhere to stay. Last Thursday Stormy Clayton and her children were home when all of a sudden, a tree clasped on their roof due to a storm.Shocked and nervous all Clayton could do was think of the safety of her children.Stormy  Clayton  explained  she was a little bit nervous and kind of on edge.  initially she  checked to  see  if was  everyone okay and once she realized that her  kids were okay, she  thought are they  going to go what s the next step.From the outside looking in, it would be hard for the naked eye to guess how bad the damages are. Since Thursday Clayton tells me, her landlord has made little to no effort to accommodate her family with a hotel. Clayton stated “If I could bee honest I don’t really think me and my children having somewhere safe to go is their priority at this point”.Thanks to people in the community, the Clayton family have been staying at a local hotel.Despite the damages, Clayton is remaining positive for her and her family. If you would like to donate money to help the Clayton relocate visit their fundraiser page on Facebook at ambrosia’s rebuilding by faith fundraiser.Also if you would like to donate storage containers to the family contact stormy Clayton through her Facebook page .