3 Area Lawmakers Re-Elected Unopposed

Qualifying ended at 4:30 yesterday afternoon with few surprises.

Nine are seeking the governor’s job, and that’s not even a record for Louisiana. All statewide officeholders are contested.

But, three area lawmakers are getting that free ride. They’re senators Gerald Long and Neil Riser and State Representative Jeff Hall.

Rapides Sheriff William Earl Hilton draws three opponents, but other court house crowd members are elected without opposition. That includes the clerk of court, tax assessor and a new coroner, Doctor Jonathan Hunter.

In the police jury races, three seats are contested, and one of the opponents is a well-known area businessman and bakery owner Mark Atwood, seeking the District G position.

For the State Board of Education seat in our area, former Rapides Superintendent Gary Jones has signed up and has one opponent.

For a complete list, go to the Secretary of State’s web site, www.GeauxVote.com. You can check out your home parish, statewide, and district races.

KLAX ABC 31 News 9/11/15