2 Malayan Tiger Cubs Born at Alexandria Zoo

tigercubsIt’s a boy, actually two of them. That’s the big announcement this morning at the Alexandria Zoo.

Two Malayan tiger cubs were born November 16th at the Zoo. The baby boys’ parents are Jammu, the dad, and Yatti, the mom.

The doctors decided to have the babies hand-raised, a not so-uncommon decision for cubs born in captivity. Sometimes the moms don’t care for the cubs and so the boys are now in a loving home.

The Alexandria Zoo is part of the species survival plan, which works to maintain diverse tiger populations and supports research on tiger care. They and the Alexandria Zoo are dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of tigers and to maintain funding for their conservation.

These cubs could remain here for up to two years.

These new cubs can be seen during Holiday Light Safari, which runs through December 28th. However, they cannot be seen during the day.

KLAX ABC 31 News 12/8/14