Louisiana Christian University Offers Homeschool Preview Day to Students

Louisiana Christian University offers a Homeschool Preview Day to help students feel at home at college.

ABC 31 News Reporter Keisha Swafford shows us how LCU supports them in their transition.


College enrollment for homeschoolers can be overshadowed by a feeling of intimidation.

Homeschool Student Anthony Ardoin says, “Homeschool, it was good in its ways. Just the only downside was that you didn’t have the friends, and the people, the sports and all that you could do.”


The faculty at LCU make it their mission to give students a fulfilling college experience.

Louisiana Christian University President Dr. Rick Brewer says, “Many of our homeschooled students, if not most, come from a faith-based position, a faith-based place and they find that to be here and be the core of who we are, so we are a continuation of that type of education for them.”


Homeschoolers learn about college through lunch with their professors of interest.

Ardoin says, “It’s more of a Christian based, where they have the chapel every Tuesday you can go to and bible studies you can participate in with other people.”


Through the Homeschool Preview Day, parents can learn what LCU has to offer.

Homeschool Parent Erica Ardoin says, “I think that he’s able to be around people that believe the same things that he believes, grow spiritually with his peers, and if he has any questions, he’s got professors here that can help him.”


The preview day is a chance for students to be in a classroom and interact with college students.

LCU has launched a Scholars Academy for homeschool students to earn 60 hours of college credit.