Woodland Presbyterian Church Donates Its Building to Help the Disabled

Evergreen Life Services improve the lives of people with disabilities.

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, this organization was given a chance to rebuild.


Woodland Presbyterian Church shut down their services permanently due to COVID-19.

They donated their building to Evergreen Life Services to help the disabled.

Evergreen provides services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Director Mitzi Lasalle wants to repurpose the church building as a temporary hurricane evacuation center.

Evergreen can also use the outside facilities as its new horticultural center.

She is excited to see how the new space can help the individuals they serve.


The church still must go under construction before it is ready.

It will need an increase in the number of fully accessible bathrooms.

More kitchen appliances need to be added to meet their long-term evacuation needs.

They also need to purchase and install generators.


Evergreen can use the church’s seven acres of land for walking trails or an activity center.

With more space, they can expand their programs and enrich the lives of the disabled.


Evergreen is seeking support for emergency needs such as shelf-stable food, water, cots, bedding, and other supplies. Donations are appreciated.

The use of this building can save evergreen tens of thousands of dollars annually by not having to pay for temporary housing and care when they must evacuate and if storms damage homes.

Contact Mitzi LaSalle for more information.

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