Wildcats back in regular routine after season delay

The LC Wildcats are back in regular routine after a delay due to the pandemic.

While in the early stages and preparation with training and conditioning, head coach, Reni Mason, says that starting their season next semester was the best decision.

“I think it kept us safe. Everyone is trying to figure it out early. The information was very fluid and so we never and so we never had any concrete situations or protocols to go by. Everyday they changed so we felt that it was best to wait until January to give us a better opportunity to have a more stable environment.”

Although other teams may have had a head start to their practices, the Wildcats don’t feel behind.

With nine returners making a comeback, it’ll play huge dividends for them going into the season.

“It’s huge. To have someone like Kae’ron Baker coming back, Hardy, KJ Bilbo which who was the newcomer in the league, that gives a head start on where normally, we would just be trying to incorporate new guys. So, these guys’ experience will pay huge dividends in us having a successful year.”

“Its about experience. Having experience with Coach Mason and knowing what he wants on the court as far as defense and the correct offensive play and things like that but the new guys that we’ve brought in, we’ve had a chance to see them play and they have a high IQ and fit right in with us and everything is just going smoothly.”

What’s helped the bonding process go smoothly has been their special meet-ups beyond the court.

LC being a Christian-based school, the team meets often for devotion and church services.

“I think its incumbent upon me as a leader of this basketball program to not only deal with them physically, but deal with them spiritually. I think it’s given us an opportunity to be open and honest with one another and I think it helps our guys grow closer together.”

“I feel like it’s really good. A lot of guys come from different backgrounds. A lot of them maybe didn’t grow in a church home so having a chance to hear the word of God everyday is actually really good for some people.”

The guys are also in a makeshift bubble on campus to help keep them safe.

“We’re testing once a week right now so we’ve kind of placed our kids in a bubble right now. The kids go home from the normal student body. We’re not leaving here, we’re combined to our campus to try and stay as safe as possible. It’s been a difficult task but it’s going to be worth it to try and keep our student athletes safe.”