Why you shouldn’t leave your child in a hot vehicle

With recent heat advisories, it isn’t recommended to leave your child or animals in a car unattended in a hot car.


According to kidsandcars.org , there were 54 heatstroke related car deaths reported and 53 last year.

“The Alexandria police department would like to remind everyone to be aware of their surroundings with the extreme heat thats going on during the months of July and August. Make sure you get you children and your pets out of your vehicles. Cracking your windows does not offer enough air flow inside the vehicle and it tends to heat up really quickly” said Peppers.

Think about the consequences before leaving your child in a hot car.

“You can be charged criminally for either an animal or a child left inside your vehicle” said Peppers.

 Officials warn, the average deaths that happen over the years, with animals or with children, fluctuate by people being neglectful.